Since 1986, Canco General Contractors have set the standard for creating high-quality, innovative and distinctive environments that meet businesses’ operating needs.

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Design Build Construction

Our design/build concept assembles a team made up of the client’s representatives, design professionals, and the contractor, all working together to design a project that meets the client’s needs and budget. Under the “Design Build Construction” concept the project is designed based on the owner’s budget, unlike projects that are designed, bid out, and then have to be redesigned to meet the owner’s budget.

Canco’s Open Book Approach

Through our construction management approach we aggressively bid out every phase of the project. We review all bids with the client and the client approves the award of each phase prior to execution of subcontracts. We work with a fixed sum, cost plus, or cost plus with guaranteed maximum price/shared savings agreement on an open book basis, with the contractor fee established early in negotiations. We also provide a cap for general conditions expenses with all Canco personnel striving throughout the project to save the client as much as possible while maintaining the quality our clients expect. Nearly 90% of our clients have become multi-project clients. Many now have five or more projects completed by Canco.

Varco Pruden Buildings

Pre-engineered metal buildings allow construction to proceed more quickly and typically at a lower cost than conventional construction. Canco is a major builder for Varco Pruden Buildings, with over 9 million square feet of completed steel buildings. As one of Varco Pruden’s largest steel building contractors we negotiate pricing based on our annual purchasing agreement with any savings passed on to our clients.

Industrial Buildings

Industrial Buildings

Pinellas County Utilities Waste-to-Energy


Church Construction

Revolution Church – Canton, GA


Car Dealership Construction

Lakeland Toyota Dealership – I-4

Professional Buildings

Professional Buildings

Gentry Morrison Funeral Home