Canco General Contractors, Inc. was formed in early 1986, when Canco President John D. Prahl, Vice President Kurt L. Denzel, and two area business leaders as investment partners, acquired the Tampa office of the Midwest based Carl A. Nelson Company.

With the successful completion of the numerous church projects over the years the management felt a need for a portion of the company to be dedicated solely to church projects which led them to start Church Builders Southeast a division of Canco General Contractors. For more information on this division of the company please visit the Church Builders page.

Over 29 Years of Quality

While Canco’s reputation as quality building contractors has spiraled upward over the years, the firm has also built a well-respected foundation financially. Canco’s volume of completed work has grown steadily with annual revenues in recent years of nearly $30 million. Canco’s reputation allows the company to enjoy long-standing relationships with the area’s better subcontractors and vendors, with those listed below being among the more than 100 doing business with Canco each year.

9,750,000 sq. ft. and Growing…

The steel building division of Canco represents Varco Pruden Buildings, one of the largest manufacturers of steel building systems, contracting over 9.75 million square feet of VP buildings since 1989. Varco Pruden Buildings is a subsidiary of BlueScope Steel Buildings, a highly respected conglomerate of companies with annual sales of nearly six billion dollars other Bluescope companies are Butler Buildings, HEI and Metalspan.  Canco earned the honor of being named the largest volume Varco Pruden builder in the country for 2007 and has been among their top 20 builders consistently for many years.