Progress Update: Florida Baptist Children’s Home – Harold Clark Simmons Compassion Center

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IMG_1521Progress Update – Shindler Drive Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL!

Big Storm Brewery is bringing new life to this warehouse in Odessa, FL! Using Varco Pruden Buildings‘ material, Canco is helping to restore this warehouse so that Big Storm can continue expanding their awesome Beer Brewing and Bottling services!

Steve Bivens Contracting has made quick work of this old 1932 Office Building at the Florida Baptist Children’s Home. They’ve paved the way for a brand new Compassion Center warehouse that Canco will be starting in two weeks!


Canco General Contractors teamed up with Seretta Construction to assemble the tilt walls of the new Chrysler Building on I-4! This video takes you from the first tilt to the completed assembly!

The Crane arrived and was assembled on-site today at Lakeland Chrysler. Tomorrow and the rest of the week we will be ‘flying’ the tilt wall panels – standing them up-right using this massive crane.

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The steel building has been erected and is completed and ready for the panels and roofing sheets. The team assembled the building within a week, even through rainy weather. Varco Pruden supplied all of the pre-engineered metal building columns, beams, girts, and purlins. As well, any sheets or panels on the exterior are supplied by Varco Pruden. Great job all around! Check out a video of the erected metal building:

A Buyer’s Guide to Seating for Worship Spaces

Church Builders has researched and worked with seating providers and experts throughout the past 25 years to bring all types of seating options to our Church Building clients. We wanted to offer some of our findings on the best fixed and non-fixed seating products on the market today. We know how challenging it can be to make the decision, so this post serves to help make the selection a little easier.

Fixed Seats

Fixed seating has always been available in the form of an old pew, yet in providing the most comfort and accessibility, churches are choosing individual fixed chairs or theater seats. If you’re concerned about traffic flow, look no further than the self-lifting, theater-style seating option. Its efficient design allows for more seats per row without violating building codes, and without violating personal spaces of congregants. This type of fixed-seating option maximizes capacity, optimizes traffic flow, and provides the quality and performance expectations church goers are looking for today. You may choose an option without arm-dividers to provide more individual space at the hips and elbows, greater personal privacy, and ultimately increase seat capacity. Or you may opt for the traditional style


Non-Fixed Seating

As churches continue to grow in population and ministry reach, flexibility and space efficiency becomes a primary goal of construction. Non-fixed seating serves the purpose of allowing a multipurpose facility to afford more comfort at less cost, while maintaining floor space for events and gatherings. From the first uses of non-fixed seating, removable and stackable chairs have given churches more flexibility with their spaces.


Hopefully this short post has helped make this important choice a little simpler.


First Baptist Church at the Mall Lakeland (13)

The Education Expansion at Revolution Church is progressing well!