Why Canco?

Canco was named the “Largest Volume Builder for VP in the U.S.” for 2007
–Varco Pruden

Canco is the only Florida builder to receive Varco Pruden’s highest award,  “A Legend in Steel”, for the success in completing more than 450 buildings totaling 9.5 million square feet in the last 25 years.

Canco is listed as largest steel building contractor in Florida for 3 out of the last 5 years. (By Metal Construction Magazine)

Canco is the builder of choice for involvement in corporate account projects in West Central Florida. Canco has successfully completed projects for firms like Waste Management, Eagle Tile, Regal Marine, and Wellcraft Marine.

Canco has constructed hundreds of buildings, using both traditional and pre-engineered construction.  Canco is a major builder for Varco Pruden Buildings, with over 9 million square feet of completed steel buildings.

The reasons to choose pre-engineered metal buildings are clear; they allow construction to proceed more quickly and typically at a lower cost than conventional construction.

Use of Steel Buildings

Steel systems construction is widely used today for a vast variety of buildings, including:


With modern construction methods, we can add decorative appeal to your building by incorporating glass, brick, stone, or pre-cast concrete into the building design.

Why Steel Construction?


Lobby of Varco Pruden steel building in Memphis

The benefits of pre-engineered steel building construction are numerous.

  1. The ability to precisely predict the material budget before hand. Excessive waste and cost is avoided by ordering the steel pre-cut, and having sections bundled and shipped together. Reducing the time required to sort and organize materials on the job site prior to erection.
  2. Steel remains one of the strongest and long-lasting building materials available for use. Pre-engineered steel buildings do not expand and contract like typical wood construction which prevents plaster cracks and structural deficiencies.
  3. Cost. Framing a building with steel instead of wood can offer substantial savings on large widespan buildings, as less is spent on materials required to complete the same project and the building goes up faster.
  4. Steel construction is also ecologically friendly, since it is highly recyclable.
  5. Ease of future expansion with the framing system designed to accommodate those plans.
  6. Standing seam roofs do not leak, withstand extreme wind conditions, look good and last up to 50 years.
  7. Steel building  framing systems can be specifically designed to accept the loading of stage sound and lighting systems, second and third floor loads, and of the loads imposed for raker beams that support raised seating systems.
  8. Green building wise, the use of steel framing and “CooL R” systems with high “R” insulation systems provide a postive basis for achieving Green staus on the total project.