Professional Buildings

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The construction of your commercial building or professional office building, whatever the industry; medical, retail, educational, etc.  doesn’t have to be just another brick and mortar structure.


Rendering of Jay Care professional building

Canco’s technologically advanced design/build formula of construction allows us to create just about any  layout that you can imagine. Our award winning relationship with Varco-Pruden (the nation’s leader in steel system construction) allows us to stay on budget and on schedule.

Regardless the complexity or size of the commercial building design, we’ll get the job done right  with the assistance of modern pre-engineered steel building systems.

After the design phase is completed and the materials are ordered, the build process will begin. Your dedicated project manager works with our team of vetted subcontractors to create the frame of your structure.

There is minimal, if any, scrap left because all materials are pre-cut and banded before arriving at the job site. Steel is the material of choice for housing, business and production purposes.

Fast food businesses, warehouses, auto repair shops, stadiums, aviation schools, small or large auto garages and many other structures are built with pre-engineered steel.